USAFA Airmanship

The Airmanship Program is a foundational part of the U.S. Air Force Academy experience. Our instructors' primary goal is to expose and motivate USAFA cadets to what it means to become rated in the U.S. Air Force so they have a proper understanding of the opportunities available to them in their officer career. We provide the opportunity to learn about about aviation and aircraft operation through use of our ITD's (Immersive Training Devices). Our ITD's are equipped to allow cadet's a glimpse of piloting aircraft through the use of Virtual Reality and simulated motion affording them the experience and excitement of virtually flying and learning the fundamentals of flight, takeoffs, and landings.

During their four year stay, they will be introduced to USAFA's training aircraft and will have the ability to fly them in various elective courses applying what they learned as freshman in our AV100 - Intro to Flying Fundamentals - ITD course. Cadets have the opportunity to choose airmanship electives that include opportunities for solo in a T-53, learning the T-6 to prepare them for pilot training, soaring, jumping, and much more. It is our job and pleasure to guide our cadets into making informed career decisions while having life changing airmanship experiences during their time at the U.S. Air Force Academy.